Loss Adjusting and Surveying Services

Claim Solutions

Bradbury Sewell provide a specialist claim preparation service to assist claimants, builders, accountants, lawyers and other corporate and professional entities to formulate detailed particulars of loss.

We represent the policyholder and interpret policy coverage, quantify and prepare the claim and submit it to loss adjusters, insurers or third parties for consideration.

Our areas of expertise cover:

  • Material Damage
  • Business Interruption
  • Public & Product Liability
  • Loss of Use
  • Contractors All Risk

We are also able to assist in dispute resolution and other professional advice in the event that there are policy liability indemnity issues or quantum differential matters between parties.

In many cases the cost of our professional services may be included in the claim.

Our in depth understanding of policy wording and interpretation can assist in the prompt submission and resolution of a claim or dispute.

An independent West Australian company that specialises
Loss Adjusting and Surveying Services, both residential and commercial.

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